Wallis, 30.8.2018

Diplôme d'Or | Mondial des Pinots 2018

The competition Mondial des Pinots constitutes finesse, subtlety and the peculiarities of ampelographic Pinot family from around the world in the right light. Schloss Halbturn confirms once again its qualities in this wine tasting and receives a gold medal with the SCHLOSS HALBTURN Pinot Noir 2014.

Halbturn, 22.8.2018

harvest 2018

Due to this year's vegetation, the harvest 2018 has already started approx. 2 weeks before the previous years. On our selection tables, the grape material is carefully processed in order to achieve the goal of "bringing almost 100% perfect grape material into the fermenting stands".

Halbturn, 19.8.2018

Schloss Halbturn @ Instagram

Since August 2018 Weingut Schloss Halbturn is posting news from the vineyards, the wine cellar and the world with the Instagram account @weingutschlosshalbturn. Follow us on Instagram!

Halbturn, 24.5.2018

agriculture Halbturn

It is a real splendor to look at the biodiversity areas of our sister company (Güterdirektion Schloss Halbturn) on the way to our vineyard Wittmannshof. A table laid for our hardworking bees in the approx. 700 beehives.

Basel, 5.9.2017

IGEHO 2017

Igeho is a major international trade fair for the hotel and restaurant industry in Switzerland and will take place from Saturday, 18th, to Wednesday, 22nd, of November 2017 at the Messe Basel (opening times: Saturday to Tuesday from 9am to 6pm, Wednesday from 9am to 5pm). We look forward to seeing you for the first time at this fair and to get in touch with you.

Düsseldorf, 4.9.2017


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the ProWein from 18th to 20th of March 2018 and to offer you a vertical tasting of several vintages. Take advantage of the opportunity to get to know our two wine series or to taste a vintage series of our SCHLOSS wines, which you can also order from us over the next few years. We will gladly inform you about news first-hand. Book your personal tasting appointment and send us your desired date to

Krems, 23.8.2016

Vinaria Weinguide 2016/17

Excerpts from the vinaria WEINGUIDE 2016/17 | "Always excellent red Impérial", "Primus inter Pares is currently the Blaufränkisch before yet fiery Jungenberg, but has great potential", "SCHLOSS HALBTURN Blaufränkisch 2011 | 5 of 5 stars, Wonderfully velvety, passes in front of blueberries, quite deep fruit, great depth, profound and mature, beautiful, deep, great wealth, generous, pipe tobacco; creamy, mellow, very structured, rough, power, contoured, juicy, persistent, athletic, very long. TOP"

Vienna, 15.6.2016

trinkreif | Schloss Halbturn Pinot Noir 2004

"trinkreif" newsletter 06.2016 - Wine of the Month: SCHLOSS HALBTURN Pinot Noir 2004 | "... shows a brilliant ruby with purple reflections. In the nose lush, ripe cherries with subtle spicy oak and a subtle tobacco note deposited. Palate: full-bodied, complex and powerful with silky tannins and huge fruit reverberation in the long finish. A fantastic wine, currently prepares much drinking pleasure, but has also enormous storage potential. " sommelier Julius Neubauer

Bordeaux, 1.6.2016

Weingut Schloss Halbturn @ La Cité du Vin

The "La Cité du Vin" (Wine Museum in Bordeaux) is a unique place, which is dedicated to wine and where you can get to know wines and cultures from all over the world. The SCHLOSS HALBTURN Sankt Laurent 2009 was chosen to represent red wine from Austria. It is used for special tastings and in normal day's work for museum visitors. © Photos AnakaLA Cité du VinXTU architects

Krems, 19.2.2016

Vinaria Rotweinfinale in 01 / 2016

At the tasting of the premium red wines vintages 2013 | 2012 | 2011 (edition 01/2016) our IMPÉRIAL rot 2011 impressed the jury: „großgeschrieben wurde diese Harmonie auch in der distinguierten Cuvée Impérial von Schloss Halbturn, die in ihrer Eleganz und Tanninfülle spontan an hervorragende Bordeaux-Gewächse erinnert“. 17,8 points for IMPÉRIAL rot 2011 | „Reich und großzügig von Anfang an, die Bordeaux-Sorten stehen im Vordergrund, Akzente von Himbeeren und Kirschen, ausgereift und nahezu üppig; schöne Substanz und Dichte, deutlicher Holzeinsatz, dennoch ausgewogen, kräftiger Tanninrahmen, pfeffrige Würze im langen Abgang, Zukunft.“ and 17,6 points for SCHLOSS HALBTURN Jungenberg 2011 | „Zunächst ätherisch anmutende Kräuternote, dann blättrig-schotige Akzente, etwas nach Granatapfel und Olivenpesto, rauchig unterlegt, großzügig und temperamentvoll; schwarze Kirschen und Preiselbeeren dann am Gaumen, kraftvoll und doch auch strukturiert, kernig und ausgewogen, dezenter Holzeinsatz, beachtliche Ausdauer, erst am Beginn, großes Potenzial andeutend.“.

Dusseldorf, 4.1.2016

ProWein 2016 | arrange your individual appointment for a wine-tasting

It is a pleasure for us to welcome you at the wine trade fair ProWein from the 13th to 15th of March 2016 (opening hours: daily from 10.00 A.M to 7.00 P.M.) in hall 17, stand F96. We can offer you a vertical tasting with up to 5 vintages. We presumably will present among others: SCHLOSS HALBTURN Pinot Noir 2011 to 2006, Blaufränkisch 2009, Cuvée Jungenberg 2008, Cabernet Franc 2009, Riesling Auslese 2008 and IMPÉRIAL rot 2011 to 2007 and KŒNIGSEGG Gin. Please take this advantage of getting to know our severeal wine series and vintages, which will be available to purchase also within the next few years. We are pleased to inform you about news at first hand, please arrange your individual appointment for tasting with our chief-oenologist, Mr. Markus Sieben, or with our CEO, Mr. Dieter Hoffmann-Unzog. Just send an e-mail to wein@schlosshalbturn with your favorite date and time and we will get in contact with you.

Halbturn, 13.10.2015

Successful wine harvest 2015

Three weeks, the harvest lasted with full commitment | the grapes promise "great wines" of the vintage 2015. Ideal weather conditions gave us extra-rich and healthy berries. The amount is not too big, is what one hand on the performed green harvest (reduction of each pergola to one or two per engine) and on the other hand due to the small berries, but we expect an excellent vintage with a lot of potential.

Kitzsteinhorn, 28.6.2015

A true delight @ Kitzsteinhorn

Paul Ivic & Weingut Schloss Halbturn at 3029 meters | A unique experience "creative art of vegetarian cooking" by Paul Ivic (Michelin star-winning chef of the TIAN Vienna) and the wines from Weingut Schloss Halbturn have led the series of events "delight" on the Kitzsteinhorn to "new heights" on 28.06.2015 . We accompanied a perfectly coordinated menu of the highest quality, which convinced the last critic of vegetarian cuisine, with our wines and our managing partner, Dieter Hoffmann-Unzog, communicated the guests a lot about the winery and the wines. It was an extraordinary and unusual experience to present and enjoy our wines to such a height. While the arrival over three lifts away to over 3,000 meters was not for everyone - the experience has, however, justified all the effort. Congratulations to the Kitzsteinhorn-team that has mastered everything extremely confidently.

Orta San Giulio, 23.5.2015

Schloss Halbturn @ Italy

Schloss Halbturn @ Locanda di Orta (Piemonte, Italy) | contemporary and innovative food in an intimate 1 Michelin star restaurant. Locanda di Orta presents an extensive wine list with around 250 national and international wines including some Schloss Halbturn wines, with a focus on a vintage depth.

Halbturn, 18.2.2015

Tasting @ ProWein

Weingut Schloss Halbturn presented a vertical tasting of up to 5 vintages as well as for the first time the vintage 2011 at ProWein in Dusseldorf (15 to 17/03/2015). Among other things the following wines could be tasted: IMPÉRIAL rot 2011-2007 | SCHLOSS HALBTURN Pinot Noir 2011-2007 | SCHLOSS HALBTURN St. Laurent 2011 & 2008 | SCHLOSS HALBTURN Jungenberg 2011 & 2008.

Halbturn, 22.1.2015

Sustainability @ Schloss Halbturn

Sustainability & Wine in Austria (issue of Austria Wine Marketing Day 01/21/2015) | for years our philosophy already includes among other natural ground economy, resource-friendly use of plant protection products, harvest by hand and an ambitious, stable team. We see this as our contribution to sustainable production. The "stars" are our chickens that actively revive the vineyard.

Vienna, 14.11.2014

Tasting Pinot Noirs with Alex "The Grape"

Alexander "The Grape" Adlgasser, Mastersommelier of restaurant TIAN, has tasted the KŒNIGSEGG Pinot Noir and the vintages 2009, 2008, 2007 of the SCHLOSS HALBTURN Pinot Noirs. "The wines of today's tasting have consistently convinced and confirmed me that it's not just the Pinots from Burgundy, the needles this noble grape variety, special, that Schloss Halbturn is a worthy, international representatives. It´s exceptionally, that I as a sommelier have the opportunity to obtain sustained earlier vintages at Weingut Schloss Halbturn."

London, 8.8.2014

Medals @ Decanter World Wine Awards 2014

At the Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 - the world’s largest and most influential wine competition - in London all submitted wines (SCHLOSS HALBTURN BLAUFRÄNKISCH 2010 St. Laurent 2010 Pinot Noir 2010 and IMPÉRIAL red 2010) won a SILVER medal (Berwertung | very good to excellent), despite the generally not so well rated 2010 vintage, and strong international competitor in each case.

Krems, 11.6.2014

Vintage philosophy in the Vinaria Wine Guide 2014/15 confirmed

The philosophy of Weingut Schloss Halbturn is also very popular among the tastings of Vinaria Wine Guide. "In addition, these are offered in stunning vintage depth and variety of bottle sizes (0.375 to 15 liters). The current range includes the 2009 vintage of the Kœnigsegg wines, as well as given the challenges of the vintage remarkably successful 2010s for the premium wines - particularly impressive the St. Laurent and Impérial rot, but the peak claimed the Jungenberg."

Vienna, 28.5.2014

Tasting IMPÉRIAL weiss 2008 & 2009

Alexander "The Grape" Adlgasser, Mastersommelier of restaurant TIAN, tasted the two top blends. "In 2008 | ripe gooseberries - childhood memories of grandmothers garden, ideal interplay of fruit & wood. A wine with character. 2009 | stone fruit notes and minerality on the nose. I see great potential for the future and recommend the wine still lay in the basement. "

Krems, 23.1.2014

Vinaria Premium Red Wines | vintage 2011

Schloss Halbturn @ the tasting of Vinaria premium red wines (issue 01/2014). "The same can also be assert, because of body and density, of Schloss Halbturn Blaufränkisch, which also charmed by subtlety, rich fruit filling and length." SCHLOSS HALBTURN Blaufränkisch 2011 (18.4 points) "dark berry like fruit fireworks, playful and rich, created powerful, but quite frankly, round and harmonious, high extracts and finesse rich, shows always new details, expressive and long, soft tannins and superb presence, great length, large reserves."

Krems, 21.6.2013

Vinaria Weinguide 2013/14

The straight and unique way of Weingut Schloss Halbturn convinced the jury this year. "Especially the excellent series of the challenging red wine vintage 2010 is an uncompromising focus on quality at Weingut Schloss Halbturn. [...] Particularly impressive are the St. Laurent, which is growing rapidly and the top vote getting closer, as well as IMPÉRIAL rot and Jungenberg."

Wien, 19.2.2013

Vertical tasting Halbturn | Vinaria 02.2013

Red, burgundian, vertical ... Peter Schleimer (Vinaria) confirms the quality philosophy of Weingut Schloss Halbturn | "The high quality of wines impressed us - especially unquestionably the top vintages such as 2009, and 2006, but as remarkable, we found how much has been taken out of difficult red wine vintages and beyond the fact that not a single wine has showed signs of fatigue. "

Zurich, 13.2.2013

A wine fairy | Schweizerische Weinzeitung

"Weingut Schloss Halbturn: a wine fairy that began 10 years ago." | SCHLOSS HALBTURN Pinot Noir 2008, 18/20 "Perfumed, sweet, fresh, mineral bouquet, raspberries, strawberries, fine toasty aromas, bright tobacco, silky, elegant, fragrant palate, fine fruit, finely woven structure, good tannins, rich, classic aromas, long, fine finish. "

Krems, 17.1.2013

Vinaria Premium red wines | vintage 2010

Wines from Weingut Schloss Halbturn are among the highest-rated in the average red wines of the vintage 2010 "Outstanding among the 2010-Laurents was - not for the first time - the character-wine of Weingut Schloss Halbturn, which almost disowned the slender vintage and also clearly distanced very successful representatives of Grassl, Auer and Dopler."

Vienna, 9.1.2013

Tasting notes Walter Kutscher

Weingut Schloss Halbturn - Noblesse oblige. A report by Walter Kutscher | Gewinn of the vertical tasting on 06th of November 2012 in the restaurant Steiereck in Vienna. "The sensational tasting the vintages 2008 and 2009 were both in St. Laurent as well as Pinot Noir outstanding, but also the older wines dating back to 2002 were able to show in great shape. My personal leader, Schloss Halbturn Pinot Noir 2008, as "primus inter pares" was still able to beat the other high reviews."

Wallis, 28.8.2012

Diplôme d'Or | Mondial des Pinots 2012

The competition Mondial des Pinots constitutes finesse, subtlety and the peculiarities of ampelographic Pinot family from around the world in the right light. Schloss Halbturn confirms once again its qualities in this wine tasting and receives a gold medal with the SCHLOSS HALBTURN Pinot Noir 2009.

Krems, 14.6.2012

Vinaria Weinguide 2012/13

Also this year Weingut Schloss Halbturn convinced the jury. "Late placement, vintage depth and big bottles" is "living philosophy". Among other | SCHLOSS HALBTURN St. Laurent 2009 (TOP with 5 out of 5 stars) "Beautiful tight, clear, deep dark fruit, hints of animalic and a little citrus, delicate, fresh, fleshy steely, extremely dense and flat, great stuff."

London, 18.5.2012

Decanter World Wine Awards 2012

It is the second time that Weingut Schloss Halbturn has received one of the highest international awards (DWWA Regional Trophy 2010 for SCHLOSS HALBTURN St. Laurent 2006) and this despite the vintage 2008 was classified by the press as not necessarily outstanding. With three excellent wines (1 x Regional Trophy SCHLOSS HALBTURN Pinot Noir 2008, 1 silver SCHLOSS HALBTURN Blaufränkisch 2008, 1 bronze KŒNIGSEGG Premium Zweigelt Reserve 2009) Weingut Schloss Halbturn once again established itself as one of the leading red wine estates within the largest international tasting.

Krems, 13.1.2012

Vinaria red wines | vintage 2009

Weingut Schloss Halbturn presented 4 of about 60 TOP-placed red wines and two of these wines achieved the highest award in each category. Amongst others SCHLOSS HALBTURN Pinot Noir 2009 (17.7 points) | Gorgeous forest-raspberry, forest-strawberry fruit, and cranberries, peppery spice, profound and complex, chocolate; masculine, wonderfully juicy, contoured and powerful, very meaty, concentrated very young, very long, great facilities.