Wallis, 30.8.2018

Dipl├┤me d'Or | Mondial des Pinots 2018

The competition Mondial des Pinots constitutes finesse, subtlety and the peculiarities of ampelographic Pinot family from around the world in the right light. Schloss Halbturn confirms once again its qualities in this wine tasting and receives a gold medal with the SCHLOSS HALBTURN Pinot Noir 2014.

Halbturn, 22.8.2018

harvest 2018

Due to this year's vegetation, the harvest 2018 has already started approx. 2 weeks before the previous years. On our selection tables, the grape material is carefully processed in order to achieve the goal of "bringing almost 100% perfect grape material into the fermenting stands".

Halbturn, 19.8.2018

Schloss Halbturn @ Instagram

Since August 2018 Weingut Schloss Halbturn is posting news from the vineyards, the wine cellar and the world with the Instagram account @weingutschlosshalbturn. Follow us on Instagram!

Halbturn, 24.5.2018

agriculture Halbturn

It is a real splendor to look at the biodiversity areas of our sister company (G├╝terdirektion Schloss Halbturn) on the way to our vineyard Wittmannshof. A table laid for our hardworking bees in the approx. 700 beehives.